Jervis Bay Wildflowers

Jervis Bay is located approximately 200kms south of Sydney. What is surprising about Jervis Bay is how such a large deep water port escaped development over the years. Large areas are now National Park, so thankfully the Bay will remain pristine for many more years to come. There are many vegetation zones around the bay. Tall and open woodlands are located on west shores. Large tracts of heath dominate both headlands. There are also smaller littoral areas and even some mangroves. Rainfall is high and fairly uniform across the area, being 1000-1200mm per annum. Soils vary, but are generally sandy, what varies is the drainage, if shallow sand overlays large slabs of sandstone than drainage can be poor. In other parts such as the taller forests drainage is generally good.

Grevillea Barklyana
This specimen was growing on a road verge near Currawong, and suffers the indignity of being mowed every few moths, yet thrives.

Melaleuca sp.

Epacris sp.
Coral Heath

Hibbertia sp.

Acacia sp

Dillwynia sp.?


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