Illawarra Escarpment Plateau Wildflowers

The Illawarra region consists of a narrow coastal plain with the Illawarra escarpment to the west. The escarpment is for the most part a large sandstone range with a steep east face and a plateau cut by gorges on top. To the west and north west of Wollongong the esacrpment is 300-400 metres in altitude, not really high enough to markedly reduce daytime temperatures in winter. However further south it is 500-700m in altitude. Rainfall is quite high at 1200-1400mm, but poor sandy soil and frequent fires result in a low very open ecalyptus woodland and heath. This is the richest region for wildflowers, and the least affected by introduced plants.

Epacris sp.


Pultenaea Sp ?

Epacris sp.
Coral Heath

Phebalium diosmeum ?

Zieria sp.
( possibly smithii )

Sowerbaea juncea

Dillwynia sp.

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